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Welcome The Spirit Of Daylesford To Your Business

Immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythms of Daylesford, Victoria — where seasons ebb and flow, painting our spa country with a kaleidoscope of hues. Here, the whispering eucalyptus groves sway with the winds of change, while the undulating hills keep time with nature's pulse. It is in this tranquil sanctuary that Emma Ford, Founder of EKO Skin, Spa, Home, discovered the inspiration for the EKO Wellness Range. 


eko Wellbeing collection: Step Into Serenity 

Each eko Wellbeing product encapsulates the tranquil haven of Daylesford. Our signature blend of clove, cinnamon, rose geranium, bergamot, lemon, and lavender connects you to the rhythms of nature, radiating the essence and charm of our region.  

Our carefully curated range encompasses a soothingly scented candle, room mist, essential oil, and bath salts, with an exciting forthcoming selection of bathe & body oil, hand and body wash, and scented reed diffuser.  

Each product is an embodiment of our core belief: to soothe, rejuvenate, and ground the spirit amidst the hustle and bustle of life.  


A Tapestry Of Local Craftmanship  

What makes the eko Wellbeing Range distinct is its roots. Each product is a result of a symbiotic collaboration with local artisans in Daylesford, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity. From the meticulous hand-pouring of our candles to the delicate blending of our signature scents, every item reflects the heart and soul of our beautiful region. 


Signature Experiences: Beyond Relaxation  

We believe that a signature experience goes beyond just relaxation treatments. In addition to their soothing properties, our products aim to create unique, memorable touchpoints, even in the most clinical environments. 

Whether it's the welcoming scent of our candles in a skin clinic, soothing spritzes of our room mist during a facial, or an indulgent foot soak to set the scene for a luxurious spa package, our range will lend a touch of our town's unique charm, setting your skin clinic, salon, or wellness space apart.  

The beauty of stocking our range is that you offer your clients the opportunity to take a piece of that heavenly experience home; reconnecting them with their visit, evoking a sense of calm, and reminding them to rebook.  


Join Us: Elevate Your Client Experiences 

To truly experience the sensorial journey of the eko Wellbeing range, we invite you to request complimentary samples of our signature essential oil or calming room mist to trial in your space. 

Understanding the nuances of retail sales and return on investment, we strive to arm you with everything you need to thrive. 

We provide professional photos, ready to enrich your online store or social media platforms. Also available are instructive videos, expertly crafted to guide you on the best ways to incorporate our range into your space and treatments. 

For our stockists based in Melbourne, Bendigo, or Ballarat, Emma is ready to visit your site for apersonalised training session. But her support doesn’t stop there. She’s always just a phone call away, eager to answer your queries.  

Our passion extends beyond our products. We’re excited about enhancing your client experience and are always open to your opinions on adding new offerings.  

With us, you're not just selling a product - you're selling an experience, a slice of Daylesford tranquillity that keeps customers coming back for more. 

We offer special bundle deals and are committed to cheering you on towards robust retail sales – because we believe success is best when shared.  

Start crafting your own signature experiences using the EKO Wellbeing collection. We offer a no-minimum order policy and free shipping on orders over $149. 

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